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10 Tips – Guide to Budget Travel in Sri Lanka

01.Visit in the low season

There are two prominent tourism seasons in Sri Lanka. December to April is the high season and May to October is the low season. Due to the mild temperatures and less rainfall, more visitors prefer to travel in the peak season(Guide to Budget Travel). Therefore, prices for accommodations and transportation tend to be higher during this peak tourist season(Guide to Budget Travel). Hotels and lodgings are quite expensive in these months due to the high influx of travelers

02.Stay in hostels or homestays

Guide to Budget Travel

A few years ago, the only tourist accommodation available in Sri Lanka was luxury or semi-luxury hotels. Affordable, quality lodging was harder to find throughout the island. Currently, Sri Lanka offers plenty of choices for tourists, from budget-friendly hostels, guesthouses to homestays.

03.Always use metered taxi

Tuk tuks are the easiest way to travel short distances within the country. Unfortunately, they are infamous for ripping off tourists and even the locals. Sometimes, foreign travelers are overcharged double or triple the regular price(Guide to Budget Travel). Thus, always remember to use a metered taxi for your rides. You can use the PickMe or Uber app to book your ride easily and cheaply. These taxi-booking apps are quite useful for budget travelers in Sri Lanka.

04.Eat the local food

Guide to Budget Travel

You will find plenty of high-end restaurants serving international cuisine in Sri Lanka. But these Western foods like Pizza, Hamburger, or KFC is quite expensive and a meal usually costs 15-30 USD per person(Guide to Budget Travel). Enjoying these foods in Sri Lanka isn’t pocket-friendly for budget travelers. Therefore, eating at local restaurants is the best option and a delicious way to immerse yourself in Sri Lanka’s culinary scene.

05.Use public transportation

Guide to Budget Travel

Bandaranaike International Airport is located around 35 km from the main Colombo city centre. Unless you are traveling as a group, airport taxi charges are quite expensive for budget travelers. Therefore, you can catch the shuttle bus between Colombo Airport and the Katunayake Airport Bus Station which is located 50 m from the terminals. Then, catch the direct expressway public bus to reach Colombo (Pettah) central bus stand within 30 minutes. From there, you will be able to travel to any part of the country(Guide to Budget Travel). This is the cheapest way to reach Colombo to save your transportation cost.

06.Select the attractions (Guide to Budget Travel)

Selecting attractions is one of the most important tips for budget travel in Sri Lanka. If you are traveling on a tight budget, you can avoid costly attractions and select cheap ones. For example, one of the major tourist attractions in the country is Sigiriya Rock Fortress(Guide to Budget Travel). But the entrance fee is quite expensive and it costs 30 USD. Thus, many budget travelers visit nearby Pidurangala Rock instead of Sigiriya, by paying only 3 USD. Although these two places aren’t similar, it gives a more economical experience to budget travelers.

07.Find the cheap air tickets

The official airline in the country is Sri Lankan Airlines. You can browse all the exclusive Sri Lankan Airlines special offers on this official webpage. They offer the best airfare deals with brand-new offers updated regularly. Choose from the best discount flights and remember to check back for the latest deals. Since travel agents often add a service fee, booking directly with the airline helps you to save a lot of money.

08.Share the safari vehicle

Guide to Budget Travel

This is one of the most important budget travel tips in Sri Lanka. When you are planning a safari trip, try to visit as a group with some friends or fellow travelers. By sharing the cost of the safari vehicle, you can save money.

09.Rent a scooter or tuk tuk

Guide to Budget Travel

If you like to drive yourself, renting a scooter is the most economical way to explore Sri Lanka. In this way, you can avoid crowds in public transportation and travel comfortably throughout all corners of the island. Most importantly, this is the cheapest way to move around the country. The charge is starting from 6 USD per day and it will save a lot of money on your transportation cost.

10.Join travel communities

Joining Sri Lanka travel groups is something quite important for tourists. One of the most famous travel forums in Sri Lanka is the TripAdvisor travel forum where you can get a lot of valuable information. In this forum, you can meet like-minded travelers who like to share their experiences(Guide to Budget Travel). You can ask any travel-related question and experts will answer within seconds. Moreover, if you like to share the taxi costs, you can ask other fellow travelers to find a travel buddy.

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